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We specialize in renting and supplying a wide range of equipment to the growing construction sector in Connecticut and its neighboring areas.

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Looking for construction equipment rental services in CT? At DLTC Equipment, we have every piece of equipment you need for a successful project. Whether you’re looking for compaction equipment rental or jackhammer rental, we have a diverse range of equipment for a variety of applications.

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Jack Hammer Rental CT

concrete equipment rental CT

We offer the best concrete equipment rentals across CT, ensuring that you have everything you need to complete your project on time and within budget. Our vast selection of machinery & tools are in top condition and ready to provide you with the best performance possible.

Vibratory Plate Compactor Rental

compaction equipment rental CT

Looking for compaction equipment rentals in CT? Look no further. We rent a wide range of tools to get the job done right. From paver roller compactor rental, vibratory plate compactor rental to asphalt roller rental and plate compactor rental, DLTC can provide it all!

Asphalt Roller Rental

construction equipment rental CT

We're one of Connecticut's premier construction equipment rental companies, proudly serving the state and its surrounding areas. With an extensive inventory of the latest, quality equipment, you are sure to find the perfect tool to suit your needs.



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At DLTC Equipment we have everything on hand to make your job easier. We stock a wide range of equipment for construction, masonry, special events, rentals, landscaping, and trade industries in CT. Shop our extensive range of new, used, and rental equipment online today.


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On checkout you will be able to schedule a pick up date or request delivery if required. We will deliver anywhere, contact us with any specific questions. Then you can put your equipment to work more efficiently, accurately, safe & profitably. DLTC is here to keep businesses of any size, in any industry, going and growing.

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When you need to make your business run smoothly, there is only one company that can help. We are an innovative team of professionals who understand how important every minute in the day really is for running a successful operation and renting out top-of-the line equipment makes sure we’re always ready when needed!

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Our customers are vital to our business – their satisfaction is our highest priority. Here’s what some of our customers have to say:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Renting equipment makes sense for many businesses. It gives you easy access to the tools you need while saving on expenses and time.

Finding a dealer that understands the industry and usage of each piece of equipment is crucial. An equipment rental business like us – one that offers a wide range of equipment designed for each specific project – aims to help you have the right equipment to get the job done. Rather than giving generic recommendations, our seasoned experts use their in-depth knowledge of equipment to help you choose the best one for your needs. We use this stuff every day!

Aside from renting, we also supply equipment to those who want to buy it. If you rented and decided to buy instead, give us a call to discuss your options!

DLTC rents a vast selection of equipment for various purposes. Here are the rental services we offer:
● Jackhammer rental
● Asphalt roller rental
● Plate compactor rental
● Paver roller compactor rental
● Construction equipment rental
● Vibratory plate compactor rental
● Compaction and concrete equipment rental

You can check our online rental store for our larger items or talk to us by calling 203-502-7009. Our reliable staff is always ready to attend to your needs.

We have been in the industry for over 39 years, serving Connecticut businesses with reliable and trusted equipment rental. Our approach is centered on quality, reliability, and affordability.