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commercial lawn mowers for sale in CT

DLTC is an authorized dealer of new commercial landscape equipment in CT. Our fleet includes items such as aerators, lawn seeders, blowers, sod cutters, lawnmowers, trimmers, and much more.

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Our company has been a reliable source for quality new and used equipment in CT for over 39 years. Our knowledgeable and friendly sales staff is ready to assist you with all your needs. Browse our selection online today, and get the perfect equipment to get your job done with ease!

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Landscape Equipment Rental CT

commercial landscape equipment CT

Are you looking for commercial landscape equipment in CT? Then, you have come to the right place. Our dealership for turf and landscape equipment in Bridgeport, CT provides you with the tools you need to work smarter.


commercial lawn mowers for sale in CT

Explore our commercial lawn mowers for landscaping professionals including stand-on lawn mowers, commercial zero-turn mowers for sale, or commercial walk-behind mowers for sale in CT. Click below to shop online:

Aerator Rental

Commercial aerators for sale CT

We also offer a wide range of turf aeration equipment for sale. Our commercial aerators are designed to relieve soil compaction and improve water and nutrient exchange at the grassroots, resulting in lush, beautiful lawns.

Leaf blower rental

commercial power equipment dealers CT

If you are looking for commercial power equipment dealers in CT, look no further! We provide a wide range of power equipment that will enhance the performance, reliability, and economics of your business and commercial facilities.

Seeder Rental

over seeders for sale CT

Achieve your seeding goals using our high-performing seeding systems. Our products are built to work in the most demanding conditions for precision farming solutions. Explore the complete line of DLTC seeders and supplies now.

Landscape Equipment Rental CT

turf equipment for sale CT

Get the perfect lawn with our high-performing turf equipment. At DLTC, we offer a full line of durable and reliable solutions fit for golf courses, solar farms, and any commercial use. Browse our range of lawn seeders, aerators, blowers, sod cutters and more below:



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At DLTC Equipment we have everything on hand to make your job easier. We stock a wide range of equipment for construction, masonry, special events, rentals, landscaping, and trade industries in CT. Shop our extensive range of new, used, and rental equipment online today.


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On checkout you will be able to schedule a pick up date or request delivery if required. We will deliver anywhere, contact us with any specific questions. Then you can put your equipment to work more efficiently, accurately, safe & profitably. DLTC is here to keep businesses of any size, in any industry, going and growing.

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We specialize in products that are engineered to provide a long service life by optimizing performance and eliminating maintenance. With our new products, you can experience excellent quality, dependability, and outstanding performance!

What Our Customers Say

We are a leader in the lawn care industry, fulfilling customer needs with our wide selection of products. We offer very competitive pricing, along with first-class customer service, providing an excellent image for our clients and maximizing customer satisfaction. Read what they say about us:

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Morgan Jonathan
“Proin vestibulum ultrices semper arcu facilisis vitae ultrices!”
Julie Robinson
Out of 5
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All our new products come with a warranty. With us, you are buying more than just a piece of equipment — but also peace of mind! Contact us today to discuss warranty options.

We have a large inventory of commercial lawn mowers, turf and landscaping equipment, power tools, and much more. You can browse our current stock online or give us a call for all your equipment needs.

Below are some of the many benefits of purchasing new equipment:

  • Ownership and controlled availability of the equipment
  • Brand new and less likely for malfunctions to happen
  • You are safe with a warranty coverage
  • Depending on the tools, you get the latest development features

Yes, we will deliver any of our equipment anywhere. Have a specific request? Give us a call today to discuss.

Yes. You can visit our physical shop in Bridgeport, CT, or browse our extensive collection on our website. With over 1,000 pieces of equipment available to buy or rent, DLTC Equipment is ready to meet the needs of consumers across the construction, agriculture, landscaping, and technical trade industries in CT.

Our dealership business allows you to find the perfect mower for an efficient landscape job. We have all types of commercial lawn mowers like:
● Commercial stand-on lawn mower
● Commercial zero-turn mower
● Commercial walk-behind mowers
● And much more!